Wreck Diving
French (Society) Wreck: The wreck lying 1 km off the Marina of Antalya under the buoy, belongs to French Combat Aircraft named "San Didier" sank during the war in 1942. During the studies performed between 1946 and 1974, a large part of the load inside the ship has been taken out. Inside this ship which has an appearance of hospital support ship, there were armories and vehicles suitable for desert conditions. Due to the fact that the personnel wasn’t wearing uniform in order to disguise by camouflaging and the passengers in the ship wanted to bring away their personal belongings while the fishermen were helping, the ship was called “society wreck” colloquially. 
There are different diving activities in Kemer, our tourist town, where the most of the diving schools are present in Turkey.
The French military transport ship found right in the entrance of Antalya Port, lies in 20-32 meters of depth, the water that is usually blurred is very interesting for the underwater wreck fans.

The Paris Wreck which lies in 33 meters of depth on the sand in the offshore of Kemer Marina is a wreck that must be visited by all divers. Üç Adalar found in the offshore of Tekirova is a region where various types of diving are available. In the canyon, which is a rich diving spot of the region, large stingrays and every kind of fish can be seen.

Üç adalar is also ideal for cave diving. In August and September, schools of tuna fish can be seen as well as the seals. This water is great for macro and night photographing. The dolphins can be seen in the coastal water any moment.

B-24 Amerikan Combat Aircraft Wreck: The wreck lying in 200 m in the offshore, close to the District of Manavgat in Antalya, belongs to the American Combat Aircraft Type B-24 named “Hadley’s Harlem” which departed in order to return to the base in Cyprus after accomplishing its bombing mission over Romania in 1944.

During the removing operations performed in 1995, the plane's cockpit has been brought out of the water, after staying in the Cengel gendarmerie station for a while, it has been transferred to one of the private museums in İstanbul. The operations for taking the rest of the aircraft out of the sea still continue. Special diving permission is required for the aircraft.

Gelidonya Antique Wreck: Gelidonya wreck found in the west end of the Antalya Bay, belongs to a cargo ship that hit the rocks while sailing in the cape of Taşlık with its current name. It’s determined that the ship dates back to the end of 13th century B.C. during the research diving performed for the wreck found in 26-28 meters depth in 1960. Another characteristic of this wreck is that it is the first underwater excavation performed and completed in compliance with the land excavation standards.

During the research performed in 1994, it’s predicted from the stone anchors found in Gelidonya wreck that it hails from the Middle East. The collected items from the wreck are exhibited in Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum.
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