SSI Open Water Diver


This program, which trains open sea divers, is the first step to be a real diver. You can open out the doors of the underwater world with this program. SSI Open Water Diver course is considered as the first basic Scuba diving course all over the world.

Aim of the Course:
In this course, you’ll learn the topics such as the definition, maintenance and use of the basic Scuba equipment, some diving diseases, how the water pressure effects the diver, how to solve the some small problems that can be encountered underwater, how to contact with your diving colleagues under water, planning the diving by using the table of diving plan and basic Scuba information and skills and you’ll have a SSI Open Water Diver Certificate recognized internationally at the end of the course.

Aim of the Course:
The students attending this program will earn all the following skills in the water skills session by being evaluated according to their susceptibility to the water (tendency to the water) and their comfort in the water.

Who can attend:
The age limit of this program for the participants is 10 years old, they get the certificate min. at the age of 15.

In this program, it’s necessary to complete the open sea diving sessions and the snorkel skills and to finish all the theoretical and academic studies for certification.

Program Requirements:
3 open sea diving lesson can’t be done in one day. All open sea diving lessons are done between 5 to 15 meters. It’s suggested that the first open sea diving mustn’t exceed 12 meters. First of all, this program requires 2 diving lessons in the pool, however if the trainings will continue completely in the open sea without using the pool, it’s necessary to perform 7 diving sessions in the sea consisting of 1 snorkel diving session during the open sea diving and 6 open sea diving sessions.

Your limits:
It’s suggested that the skills earned with this program are limited with 18 meters.

The Conditions of Crossover From Another System to SSI Open Water Diver (OWD):
The divers who have a certificate from another training system, who have a commercial, scientific or military education, who have been trained by another active diving instructor partially, who dive without certificates for years, can perform the crossover operations with the following participation terms.

In order to attend this program:
It’s necessary to be at least 12 years old,
to declare stating the experience of scuba diving and snorkeling,
To certify being a diver in another training system and being trained at least for 50 hours. If this requirement is not fulfilled, the diver must attend the OWD course completely.
The diver who has a certificate from another training system and who wants an equivalent certificate of SSI, has to show at least 4 registered diving in the last 12 months.
He/she must show his/her certificate and complete Scuba Skills Update Program.

The Program to be applied for SSI Open Water Diver (OWD) Crossover:
oral and written exam about diving safety before the open sea diving,
At least one open sea snorkeling. This can be combined with the scuba diving.
At least 2 open sea diving sessions if he/she can’t prove 4 registered diving in the last 12 months
satisfactory performance of the skills required for the certification of OWD.
When the requirements of the general standards are achieved and the open sea skills are completed with an informational exam, SSI OWD Certificate is given.

A Diver who has an Open Water Diver (OWD) Certificate:
You can dive and rent equipment with SSI OWD Certificate which is recognized all over the world.
It’s recommended that a diver who has OWD certificate dives up to 18 meters.
It’s prepared for Advanced Open Water Diver Course, which is one level superior of this certificate by increasing the number of diving.
It’s entitled to receive special diving trainings in order to pass to a higher level. (Night Diving, Deep Diving, Nitrox Diving, Underwater Photography)
By taking 4 special diving trainings and completing 24 diving sessions, they can join Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD) Course.
Please refer to our training program for special diving trainings.