SSI Advanced Adventurer Diver
This program aims to move up the OWD certificated divers to the level of experienced divers in the diving adventure by completing five of the SSI specialties successfully. 

The Aim of the Course:
Advanced Adventurer Diver is a level that OWD Certified Divers can reach very easily after complying with the general course standards and completing 5 different Specialty Course. If you haven’t attended to a Specialty course before, you need to attend to SSI Specialty Programs. 

The Target of the Course:
The students, who have attended this program, completed five different SSI Specialty Courses successfully. It ensures the divers who have OWD certificate to pass to AAD, which is a higher level.  

The following conditions are required for the certification.
IT’S REQUIRED to have Open Water Diver Certificate,
to have Private Specialty Training certificates (Five Specialty Diver Certificates)
to be 15 years old.

Program Requirements:
SSI Advanced Adventurer Diver Standards.

Academic Theory Session:
When necessary, revision of OWD and Private Specialty Training Book and DVDs.

Under Water Skills:
In case that the diver doesn’t have a registered diving in the last 6 months, it’s recommended that he/she attends Scuba Skills Update Program.
It’s necessary for a diver to be entitled to attend this program:
to have OWD or an equivalent certificate,
To be at least 15 years old, to sign a notification declaring in written the diving sessions and trainings taken in at least 5 Specialty fields. In case that the diver who is certified by another training system is asking for an equivalent SSI Certificate, he/she needs to show his/her certificate and certify at least 4 registered open sea diving sessions in the last 12 months.
He/she has to show his/her certificate and to complete Scuba Skills Update Program.

The Diver who has Advanced A.D Certificate:
He/she is respected having completed this program with success and as an adult skin diver he/she is considered as equipped and informed among the visited diving spots. The participant who completes this program, has finished his/her preparations in order to pass to the next level and has made a step to being Master Diver (MD), which is the next level with this certification.