Exploration Diving
Stingray Diving Center, the door that opens to the endless depths of blue;

Think about the sunlight shining on you while you are in the deep azure water… If you raise your head and look, you’d see only an intense cloud of light covering you. However there’s only silence and blue all around you… At the same time, utterly endless and ready to be discovered. Corals in different colors and textures, thousands of species of fish and all living things that you can’t see on earth... Underwater is still like a hidden paradise... But you can go and explore again this world!

Stingray Diving School organizes the exploration dives for you in order to take a unique journey in the depths of the blue world in The Marmara Hotel.

Spacing the door of another word: Diving

The human kind has dived continuously in order to take advantage of the richness underwater starting from the first age. Thus, the people who take out sponges, corals and pearls from the depths of the sea without using any equipment by clinging to a stone, are considered as the first divers of the history. Between the years 1500-1700, in order to increase the duration of the divers under water, air trapped diving bags were developed. In 1930’s palet, freediving increased a lot with the development of diving equipments such as face mask and snorkel.
Diving became a sportive hobby by time and stopped being carried out in order to address the needs. Diving activity has been performed systematically only by the related people until 1959, after this date it was performed with the sportive purposes after the establishment of the international diving sport associations.