CMAS 3 Stars
He/she is the diver who can guide the divers in different levels. He/she is authorized and responsible to ensure that the diving session of the diving group which he/she leads is in compliance with the safe diving standards.
He/she can dive maximum 30 meters deep. He/she can dive 42 meters deep for the training purposes under the inspection and supervision of a diving instructor. Three star diving course is planned in order to give you information about leading a group in each stage of the diving.

Course Structure and Standards:
CMAS 3 Star Diver Course is divided into two sections which are class works and open sea diving. The main subjects in the course are as follows:
 Physical Preparation
  Mental Preparation
  Equipment Preparation
  Planning and Organization
  Causes of Stress and Prevention Methods
  First Aid Supplies and Techniques
  Accident Intervention
  Equipment Repair and Maintenance
  Use of Compressor
  Use of Small Boat
  Diving Leadership
  Boat Organization
  Emergency Management
  Rescue Skills
  Academic Training Essentials
Course Requirements:
to have completed 18 years old,
to declare and submit the health declaration form prepared by the Federation and signed by the related specialist doctor which confirms that there isn’t any obstacle for diving,
to be at least a graduate of high school or an equivalent school,
to have 2 Star Diver Certificate given by the federation or an approved equivalent certificate,              
to certify with the diving registry that he/she has dived at least fourty times after receiving 2 Star Diver Certificate,
at least four months must have passed from the date of 2 Star Diver Diploma