CMAS 2 Stars
It’s the diver who has the experience of open sea diving. The diver with 2 stars can dive maximum 30 meters deep with at least one diver with 2 stars. The divers with 2 stars smaller than 18 years old can dive maximum 24 meters deep under the leadership of at least one diver with 3 stars. The divers with 2 stars older than 18 years old may dive for the training purposes up to 42 meters deep under the supervision and inspection of the diving instructor. 

Course Structure and Standards:
2 Star Diver Course divides into two sections which are class works and open sea diving. The main subjects in the course are as follows:
  Executive Course
  History of Diving
  Diving Equipment
  SCUBA Equipment
  Equipped Diving Technique
  Diving Diseases and Diving Health
  Planning of Diving
 First Aid
  Diving Physics
  Dive Tables
  Custom Diving Techniques
  Natural and Compass Navigation
  Underwater Life and Marine Life

Course Requirements:
To have completed 15 years old, (a permission letter is taken from the parents of the children younger than 18 years old)
                                                                                                                                 To declare and submit by signing the health declaration form which confirms that there isn’t any obstacle for diving,                                                                                                                                 
To have a primary school diploma or an equivalent education certificate,
To have 1 Star Diver Certificate given by the federation or an approved equivalent certificate               
to certify with the diving registry that he/she has dived in the open sea at least 20 times after receiving 1 Star Diver Certificate