CMAS 1 Star
CMAS, 1 Star Diver training program, (Confederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatiques – World Underwater Federation) is a beginner program. The candidates that complete this course successfully, become a certified candidate of the diving industry.

Course Structure and Standards:
CMAS, 1 Star Diver course; consists of three main parts which are class work with the instructor’s narration, pool trainings (optional) and open sea diving.

Class works are about the diving history, basic information about underwater, diving techniques, diving equipment, diving physics, diving health, safe diving practices and the planning of diving.

Limited water training is performed in the pool or in the sea (the conditions that will provide the pool environment). Before starting to dive in the open seas, first of all, the candidates gain all their underwater skills in the diving that they’ll perform in the pool. Open sea diving is realized in the depths changing between 6-18 meters. The candidates improve their water skills earned in the limited water training and learn more with 4 open sea diving sessions and complete their trainings.  The candidates are entitled to receive CMAS 1 Star Diver Certificate, which is internationally valid after accomplishing the requirements of all the performances during the diving sessions in open sea and limited water trainings. 

Course Requirements:
to be at least 14 years old (a permission letter is taken from the parents of the children younger than 18 years old),
To declare and submit by signing the health declaration form which confirms that there isn’t any obstacle for diving, including the statement that was prepared by the Federation which approves that he/she knows enough swimming
To have a primary school diploma or an equivalent education certificate.
CMAS 1 Star Diver Training is a program based on the performance. The duration of the course may differ according to the performance of the participators. The main target is to maximize the performances of the participators.